How it works

Book a fitting 

During your first fitting we will work with you to ascertain your unique requirements and help you to craft the perfect suit that fits your needs and captures your individual style.

Get measured 

We will professionally measure you up to determine your perfect fit


We will guide you through the customisation process and show you a range of fabric and design options. Every aspect of your suit is customisable, from fabrics, linings, and buttons to lapel, vent, and pocket styles. We will help you to choose fabrics and designs that work for your purposes – balancing functionality and style. 


After your first fitting our tailors will begin creating your individual garment using your specific design and measurements. Every garment is cut and finished using exceptional construction techniques, ensuring years of quality wear.

Try it on 

Once your suit has been tailor made, we will finalise the fit during a second fitting. If your garment is not perfectly fitted we will alter or remake it. After any necessary adjustments are made we will organise a final fitting to ensure you are happy with your garments.

Please allow 4-5 weeks, from the first fitting to picking up your completed suit.


Price list 

Suit                             $900

Shirt                            $250

Jacket                         $650

Trousers                      $350

Vest                             $300

3 Piece Suit                $1100