Photograph by Robin Hammond, National Geographic.
English n.
1. an Old World lizard characterised by its highly developed ability to change the colour of its skin.
2. a person who changes their opinions or behaviour according to the situation.
Chameleons have superficial layers of skin which contain crystals made of GUANINE (one of four main nucleobases required for DNA).  By manipulating the structural arrangement of these guanine crystals, chameleons change the wavelength of light that is reflected off of them, thereby changing the colour of their skin.
In decoding MNDATORY’s own DNA, 'CHAMELEON' will be the first collection to facilitate a co-creation process; where customers will have the opportunity customise and personalise any garment from the runway collection.
MNDATORY - Chameleon 01
MNDATORY - Chameleon 02
MNDATORY - Chameleon 03
MNDATORY - Chameleon 04
MNDATORY - Chameleon 05